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Our Other Story

Over the years we have worked with many students with Special Needs. While we have learned that breaking down skills into smaller pieces is extremely important, so is teaching students “How to Learn” or “The Process of Learning” or “Learning to Learn”, whichever way you want to describe this critical piece of the puzzle.  My favorite way to describe it is “Learning to Learn”. Other important pieces to encourage learning are appropriate prompting and reinforcement as well as the fading of prompting, and reinforcement. It is extremely important that fading of prompts and reinforcements occur in order to maximise learning. Fading of these is of utmost importance to move from teacher directed learning and a student relying on constant reinforcement, to independence and confident learning. One of the other pieces to the puzzle is figuring out which parts of the students' learning progress is held back due to behaviors and which parts are learning challenges. They are often intertwined due to behaviors increasing when learning is challenging.

Our Story

Over the years, we have found that students have diverse needs. We have found that many worksheets, lessons, or programs, work well for a few students but other students require additional instruction to understand the concept or complete the worksheet. Also, some students find the concepts or worksheets above their capabilities. We have also found that some students require more practice, in order to solidify the concept before moving on to the next lesson. This began our journey into creating resources that will teach a concept in smaller pieces, and provide more repetition of the concept in order to help the students that need additional support. Our resources can also be used to facilitate a student that can work ahead independently when the student is ready to advance to the next level of a lesson. 

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